Cotton yarn dyeing | Cotton yarn dyeing bobbin | How to dye cotton yarn?

Cotton yarn dyeing on the bobbin is used as one of the methods of cotton yarn dyeing in the textile industry. The general steps of dyeing yarn in the form of bobbins are as follows:

  • 1- After production and packaging, the cotton yarns are wound softly on other bobbins.
  • 2- Then the soft cones of cotton yarns are placed in the dyeing bath.
  • 3- The paint solution, which includes paint, solvent, chemical additives and water, is prepared. Some chemical solvents include ethylene glycol and ammonia, which act on the cotton yarn in the Reuter method.
  • 4- The yarns stay in the dyeing bath with heat and pressure according to the type of dye and yarn for a certain period of time so that the dye is completely and evenly absorbed in the yarn.
  • 5- After the dyeing is completed, the bobbins of cotton yarns are transferred to a machine that contains soap and water and are cleaned from dye additives and chemical solutions by thorough cleaning and are used.
  • 6- Then, the bobbins are transferred to the drying stage to be properly dried.
  • 7- At the end, the dyed bobbins are again tightly wrapped on cardboard bobbins and after checking the quality issues, they are packed and sent to customers.

In this process, the most important factor is the quality of the dye solution, heat, proper pressure and dyeing time. Also, the selection of chemical solvents and suitable dyes for cotton yarns play an important role in the final quality of dyeing.

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