About Rangin Nakh Tanriz (Dyed Yarn Brand-Private Held CO)


Ragin Nakh Tabriz Company started working in the textile industry in 1998. This company is located in Shahid Salimi industrial city, located 35 km from the Tabriz-Azershahr highway, and as one of the leading companies in the textile industry for 20 years with hard work and perseverance and by providing a wide range of colored cotton yarn and yarn dyeing services in the textile industry market, has reached the top position in the Iranian market.

The main place of the company is in the province of East Azarbaijan, the city of Tabriz, and it has an office in the city of Tehran. Having passed two decades of experience in yarn dyeing, as well as having efficient human resources and a strong work culture and benefiting from the appropriate laboratory and equipment, Rangin Nakh Tabriz has a very bright future ahead of it.